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    Special exhibition in Lahore museum on Sadeqin’s anniversary – News Panda

    Special exhibition in Lahore museum on Sadeqin's anniversary - Express Urdu

    Girls participating in the exhibition are looking at antiques (Photo: Express) Lahore: On the anniversary of Sadeqin, a special exhibition was organized at the Lahore Museum, in which, along with Sadeqin’s artworks, antiquities of Sufi Tabsum and Faiz Ahmad Faiz are also presented. The exhibition was inaugurated by Chief Secretary Punjab Zahid Akhtar Zaman while Secretary Tourism Zaheer Hussain and Director Lahore Museum Muhammad Usman and other officers also participated in it. An exhibition based on three eminent personalities titled “Miracle of Fun Kar Namood” has been organized on the occasion of the 36th birth anniversary of pakistan‘s famous painter Mr. Sadiqin Naqvi. One part of this exhibition consists of the photographs of Sadiqeen that he made during his stay at the Lahore Museum, while the other part of the exhibition consists of the photographs of Sadiqeen that he made on the poems of Ghalib and these photographs are presented to the Lahore Museum. Presented as a gift. The most important part of the exhibition is the painting of Surah Rahman, which was completed by Sadiqin in 1980 in Sabateen Manzil, Karachi. The honor of the first public exhibition of Surat Rahman in Lahore was given to Lahore Museum and later these pictures were presented as a gift to Staff College Lahore. After a long time these works of art are again being presented for public exhibition with the support of National School of Public Policy Lahore. Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s antiques are also kept in the exhibition. Faiz Ahmed Faiz is one of the most famous poets of pakistan who was a multifaceted personality and a reformist intellectual. made into poetry. The style of your poetry is simple and soft like Bayan Mirza Ghalib, which describes social inequalities in poetry. Faiz’s early poetry is based on the heart-warming feelings of love and beauty, but Faiz’s collaborative thinking, which emerged from Government College Lahore, has highlighted the interrelationship between politics and society in his poetry. Thanks to the Faiz Foundation Trust for providing photographs, documents and other artefacts from the Faiz Ghar collection. In the exhibition, tribute is also being paid to Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabasim, Sufi Tabasim is the founder of children’s poetry in pakistan, who is considered one of the most beloved and favorite poets of pakistan. Sufi Ghulam Mustafa was born on August 14, 1899 in a Kashmiri family in Amritsar. The Lahore Museum administration thanked Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabasim Akademi and Sufi Sahib’s granddaughter Dr. Fawzia Tabasim for providing Sufi Sahib’s photographs, books, documents and other important artefacts.