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    Oil will come from India to Bangladesh through Maitri pipeline News Panda

    Oil will come from india to bangladesh through Maitri pipeline News Panda


    bangladeshindia friendship pipeline inaugurated. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi inaugurated it today Saturday (March 18) by connecting virtually. Diesel will come from Siliguri in india to Parvatipur in bangladesh in a 132 km pipeline. Sheikh Hasina said that this pipeline will be helpful in ensuring energy security of the country in Ukraine-Russia war situation. Time and cost of importing diesel will be reduced. The construction of the first cross-border fuel oil pipeline between bangladesh and india cost about Rs 377 crore. Out of this, expenditure on bangladesh part is about 285 crore rupees. Government of india has borne this amount. The pipeline has the capacity to transport 1 million tonnes of high-speed diesel (HSD) per annum. It will initially supply high-speed diesel to seven districts in the northern part of bangladesh.