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    News Pandaffrey Marsh is improper: Trans rights, parental concerns are both essential.

    Geoffrey Marsh is wrong: Trans rights, parental concerns are both important.

    Shimron Nessa, a British Muslim TikTok comedian and mother of young children, has been receiving death threats and online harassment after criticizing American TikToker News Pandaffrey Marsh, who identifies as non-binary. Marsh, who has 680,000 followers on the platform, addresses children in several videos. In others, they talk to the children’s parents. In one particular video – in which Marsh does not specifically mention the children – he says: “Your parents screwed up. It’s okay to say that.” In the video, Marsh also says: “That’s why I created Patreon so we can talk about it, so we can connect in a way that’s more private, so we can talk to each other like that. Which is more open.” Patreon is a platform where people can pay a monthly fee to view content. Nessa responded to Marsh in her video, demanding that she “stop telling kids to go on your Patreon and talk to you privately without their parents knowing”. Nessa made it clear that she was concerned about the specific style and content of Marsh’s videos, pointing to a tactic often used to isolate children from their guardians in order to protect them from predators. Depend on individuals. In at least half a dozen other videos — where he doesn’t say who he’s specifically addressing — Marsh encourages people to have “no contact” with their families. In one, he says those who do will “love it”. In another, he says: “If you don’t have a family that loves you, I’ll be your family.” In another particularly disturbing video, Marsh is seen arguing against the protection of women and girls. Just to be clear; Marsh is talking about women trying to protect women from biological men who identify as transwomen. “‘We need to protect women and children’ has been used against disadvantaged people for most of human history,” he says. “These comments upset me because it’s anti-trans, of course, but it also strikes me that it’s against your own daughters.” Marsh then asks women to tell people concerned about their safety that they “don’t need protection”. In her video, Nessa did not refer to Marsh’s trans identity and used the “he/she” pronouns that the TikTok influencer prefers. While stating that Marsh’s videos were disturbing, she did not accuse him of being a groomer in the traditional sense of the word. Still, she was harassed by trans rights activists to take down the video. Nisa then shared another video in which she tearfully revealed the threats and mistreatment she received from the workers. “I just received an email saying that … they know where I live and what scares me the most is that they got my daughters details in the email. are,” Neesa said looking extremely worried that her car had also been damaged. Some of those who attacked her online even found old pictures of Neesa without hijab and shared them on TikTok, Neesa said in tears. Feminists, human rights activists, Muslims and sympathizers from other communities immediately offered Nessa support online and soon #IStandWithShumirunNessa started trending. However, the response we have encountered – to support NASA – has also been surprising. Women worried about women being weakened by men’s violence are being accused of transphobia. Why? Because we have raised the issue of how to isolate potentially confused and vulnerable children from their parents, and potentially encourage them to initiate a transference process that may be harmful, all It is dangerous. And that this behavior may indicate some form of grooming – even if not always sexual. I understand only too well how it feels to be targeted like this. In 2004, I wrote an article criticizing transgender activists who tried to close a rape crisis center that would not include male-bodied transwomen as counselors, and since I have been dogged by so-called progressives who consider me “transphobic.” As a result, whenever I come to give a speech on feminism or any aspect of male violence against women, some university students publicly protest. Never mind that I have spent decades supporting women victims of male violence – and continue to do so. Even 19 years later, the bullying continues, despite the fact that in most cases I’m not addressing trans issues at all. Under the guise of “protecting trans rights,” whenever I speak about the harms of prostitution, an area of ​​my concern, I am routinely attacked, told that I am “transsex clearly hate workers” as if everything had to do with transwomen. The issue has dominated the cultural landscape in the past decade in part because well-meaning liberals have become convinced that the extreme transgender ideology that left-wing feminists such as myself speak out against is a violation of women’s rights. As opposed to its defenders, there are bigots and “transphobes”. It seems that Nessa is intimidated by the crowd. In fact, bullying and harassment have become common features of this vicious circle. In recent years it is not unusual to see crowds of young people in black balaclavas chanting abuse against women who speak out against extreme transgender ideology and in favor of women-only spaces. In a follow-up video, Nessa pleaded: “Please, everyone stop threatening each other. I don’t want to talk about this topic anymore, and I hope you guys respect that. It’s in these people. It’s a terrifying indictment of the fear of those who dare to speak out, and how effective the silencing tactics of trans rights activists can be. This is not a debate being held on a level playing field, with many Feminists have been denied jobs, university courses, fame and the right to free speech. I have yet to hear of a trans rights activist receiving the same treatment. However, the nuance in this debate is clearly needed. This is a perfect example of how two wrongs definitely don’t make a right. It is not acceptable for trans rights activists to dox a woman with young children, or any other woman, because She pointed out safety issues. It’s also wrong to label all trans-identifying people as “groomers” and “pedophiles.” Bullying and threatening behavior is never the answer. When trans There are genuine concerns about vulnerable children when it comes to some aspects of gender ideology, and it is perfectly appropriate to raise these concerns publicly. Transgender ideology is a highly controversial issue, especially when mantras such as “transwomen are women” are laced with public dissent. While I passionately support the right of any individual to live outside of the gender stereotypes imposed on them, claiming that women raised as girls under patriarchy and living as women There is no difference between men who choose Sexism has consequences, from domestic abuse and sexual assault to unequal pay and discrimination in the workplace. While it is important to uphold the rights of transgender people, the answer is not to shut down or silence parents’ real concerns, whether about trans people or about puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones at gender clinics. Increasing number of children being asked. Let me be very clear: trans people are not the problem. At issue is a brand of activism that claims to represent trans rights. In fact, it is the men’s rights movement that grew out of the backlash against feminism, specifically, feminism that focused on ending men’s violence against women and girls. Feminists who demand nothing more than protections for our hard-won sex-based rights, such as domestic violence shelters, changing rooms, and hospital wards for women, are censored as prejudice. is going and they are being dismissed. NASA was not taking issue with trans ideology or Marsh identifying as non-binary. Instead, she was raising a red flag about the inappropriateness of an adult possibly persuading children to be separated from their parents. Successful attempts by trans rights activists to silence NASA by accusing it of “transphobia” serve as a warning to others. But those of us concerned about the danger to children should resist calls for surrender. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of News Panda.