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    Pakistan’s global bond has been in decline for 6 days – Express Urdu

    Pakistan's global bond has been in decline for 6 days - Express Urdu

    pakistan‘s global bond has been in decline for 6 days – News Panda


    The price of bonds will fluctuate until the IMF program starts, Samiullah Tariq. Photo: File KARACHI: pakistan‘s international bond prices fell for the sixth straight day as the bond yield rose 16 percent in a day to hit an all-time high of around 106 percent in the international market on Wednesday. Bond prices and yields move in opposite directions, with both the latest decline in price and rise in yields suggesting that pakistan is at risk of defaulting on its foreign debt, including payments on global bond maturities. are also included. Amidst the crisis, the balance of payments worsened, with clashes between officials and PTI workers in Lahore over the arrest of Imran Khan, which has also raised political temperatures in the country, shaking the economy. According to data compiled and reported by local research houses, pakistan‘s 10-year sovereign global bond worth $1 billion will mature on April 15, 2024, i.e. the government will return the loan amount to bond investors. will Speaking to The Express Tribune, Samiullah Tariq, head of research at Pak-Kuwait Investment Company, said that until the IMF resumes the $6.5 billion loan program for pakistan, bond prices and yields will continue to fluctuate. . He said that access to the gross financing facility will ensure that pakistan‘s balance of payments has improved for the bond investors and that it will repay the bond investors on time in 2024.