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    Pakistan should get Russian oil at G7 rates, USA – Express Urdu

    Pakistan should get Russian oil at G7 rates, USA - Express Urdu

    pakistan should get Russian oil at G7 rates, USA – News Panda


    The US also reiterated its commitment to bilateral energy cooperation under the ‘Green Alliance’ framework. Photo: US Islamabad: The US has suggested pakistan to follow the G-Seven rates to import oil from Russia at a reasonable price. In an exclusive interview, U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary for Energy Jeffrey Pyatt supported the U.S. TAPI Pipeline Gas and Central Southeast Asia (CASA) projects. Geoffrey Pyatt visited pakistan with a delegation to convey America’s commitment to a very strong partnership and to discuss the crucial transitional moment both countries are currently facing. In the backdrop of TAPI and KASA projects, he said that there were more challenges after the Taliban came back to power, it does not mean that we are abandoning the idea of ​​regional connectivity. It is a principle of US energy diplomacy around the world. He further said that after the current war with Ukraine, Russia is no longer a reliable supplier of energy, which has important implications for every country, including pakistan, for which energy is an important issue. Geoffrey Pyatt expressed hope that pakistan will negotiate as hard as it can with Russia for oil supplies to push for the best price.